Do you want to improve the engagement of your students? Do you want to empower students to choose and apply their own learning experience? A mix of virtual learning and classroom learning can help it popularly called as blended approach of learning. Blended learning help us achieve both the goals.

When students learn through both modes of learning online and virtual mode and conventional methods of classroom teaching, there experience is personalized and engaging.

If you aren’t using the blended learning till now, we will give you ten benefits that will convince you to try Digverve LMS.



Online learning provides students with one more chance to go through the course material after the class. Using the blended learning approach, students can go through the topics in the class and then can complete the assignments and tests. Also they can go through the course videos and presentations again if they missed anything in the classroom or need to revise.



It is a tedious task for teachers to take assessments in the classroom setup. Preparing questions manually, printing them, taking tests and then grading each assignments can be very time consuming.

Instead of this, assessments can be created online and students can attempt it. It will be automatically graded and students and teachers can see their progress.



Few students are not able to ask doubts or questions in class. The reason can be their fear, lack of confidence etc. Using Digverve LMS, students can ask questions anytime at their convenience. They can show their identity also or do it anonymously.  



Online learning enables the content available not only in the classroom hours. The content and assessments can be available anywhere and anytime. Teachers can create their assessments anytime and students can give their evaluations. Also, contents can be available 24*7 till the end of the year or batch.



Online assignments, discussion boards, online Q&A and use of tech encourages student participation and collaboration. In a blended learning approach, we have best use of both virtual learning and classroom learning.



Every student have his own preferred way of leaning. Using blended learning approach, one can fulfil his/her individual needs. He/she can choose which is interesting and learn using that. Is it virtual learning or classroom learning? 



Blended approach improves the overall efficiency of the learning. A student can study a lesson in class. He/she can ask the doubts using online mode and see lectures videos/presentation again if needed. He/she can complete the assessment after the class. Also, students can study the topics for the next day and then learning can be more efficient.



One of the important advantage of blended learning is data tracking and reporting. A LMS is designed to track the student approach of learning. It tracks his assignment scores, time spent in videos and other analytics through interactive data analytics & graphs. This brings information to teachers, parents and school management for better tracking and decision making.


9.       SAVE MONEY

LMS would be value for money compared to typical classroom learning. And its benefits surpasses its price.



Virtual learning not only saves money, but also saves time. Student have to spend less time taking class lectures and offline tests. Teachers can save time in assessments creation and evaluation.


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