It’s common to find yourself very close to sleep in the middle of a class. Don’t blame the teacher or the coursework. Sometimes the source of our lack of interest is a result of our own doing. However, showing interest and initiative in the classroom are the marks of an emotionally mature and self-aware pupil. Here are a few ways to boost your concentration:-

1. Eat a good breakfast: How often have you felt hungry with another hour to go with lunchtime? A poor diet is not only detrimental to your body’s eating schedule, but also to your levels of energy through the day. Start your day with a healthy breakfast (fruits, cornflakes, bread and eggs, parathas) and you’ll find it easier to keep your eyes on your books.

2. Catch up on your sleep: A full night’s rest can do wonders for your brains activity levels. It’s also the ultimate reward for a body & mind that have worked hard all day. So tonight, retire the phone and try to get at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep

3. Get a head start: Not only in your subject matter but the teacher and the layout of the classroom. While being the backseat-boss might be an appealing title & a space of comfort and safety, it actually creates an environment of contentment that could be detrimental to your learning.

4. Set your own objectives: Reach out to your professor at the start of the week/month to gain an understanding of all subject matter you will be covering on a week-to-week or class-to-class basis. Not only will help you stay focused on the task at hand, but it will help you prep and think of questions in advance. Employ an adaptive learning management system to keep up with the latest in the class and department. Check out DigVerve, here.

5. Throw in a workout: This is not to say that you should run a full marathon before every class but to emphasize the benefits of a physically active body. A few hours of exercise every week will keep your mind engaged and stimulated – just what you need while in class.

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