As a major part of students’ lives and an increasingly important part of the everyday functioning, you cannot escape technology. In addition to being a foolproof way to secure a student’s attention, it can greatly improve the quality of instruction. However, it’s also important to not lose sight of the teaching objectives.

When speaking of technology, we cannot forget the most important tools – pencils, paper, pens, books, even the blackboard. While they are not modern day technologies, they are tools nevertheless. The latest e-learning technologies make it possible to do things that were unthinkable a couple of decades ago.

Now think of the technologies you’re most comfortable with. PowerPoint presentations make classrooms more compelling, with high-resolution pictures, videos and the easy, straightforward presentation of facts. Tablets and laptops can be linked to projectors as well as the Cloud, so that information can be shared more freely.

A recent advancement in the Edu-tech space has been the advent of Learning Management System such as DigVerve. These online collaboration tools connect teachers, students and the institution in more meaningful ways. Instructors can share documents, assignments and information real time, that all students have access to. Teachers can create threads of discussion while students can present questions that didn’t come up in the class. For the administrators, tools like these help them keep track of their student body & faculty in one convenient location.

Thus, while the reliance of technology is becoming a real-world behavior, it can also be transferred to the classroom without disrupting it. Plan your classroom incorporating the best e-learning Platform and LMS that would be appropriate and engage your students using the tools that are most familiar to them. You’ll see a world of change in the uptake of information and the attentiveness in your students.