If we’re not mistaken your cellphone must either be in your pocket or not more than 5 feet away from you as you’re reading this. It’s true, our phones are more valuable to us than ever. The very thought of being separated from it for a long duration of time is enough to make people feel restless. Yet your phone is so much more than just a repository for pictures, music and your social networks. With a few simple tweaks, your handy cellular device can play a powerful role in your education.

The DigVerve Platform [Insert hyperlink]
Staying in touch with your class is now more than just a Whatsapp group. With the DigVerve LMS solution, you can be on top of your coursework & assignments, as well as all the activity from your lessons. You can ask your professors questions, open a thread of discussion with your peers or even manage your attendance.A great learning management system to all your school’s e-learning requirements, DigVerve is free for teachers and students once the institute is registered with it.


There is now a slew of online collaborative tools to aid your understanding in a wide range of subject matter. Duolingo is one of the foremost language learning tools, Mendeley, a PDF reader helps you organize and annotate all your research articles, Photomath will help you solve complex equations and math problems with just one click of your camera! A simple search in the area of your requirements will yield a plethora of results.


If you thought you could only use Youtube for music videos, movie trailers, and cat videos, think again. The popular video platform is home to all kinds of curated channels dedicated to expanding the boundaries of your knowledge. If you’re looking for some stimulation outside the textbooks check out channels such as The School of Life, Veritaserum, MinutePhysics, Smarter Every Day, SciShow and lots more!